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Crane Mats, also called Timber Mats and Bridge Mats, are a heavy equipment mat made up of large timbers. The timbers within a these mats have a common thickness, are green in moisture content, and are generally not graded for quality or strength.

Ground Stabilization
Every construction mat provides a stable work surface even in the harshest conditions, thanks to a compression resistant, dense mat design. Our construction mats allow for safe working conditions over all types of terrain, including marshes, areas with underground utilities and remote areas.

Bearing Heavy Equipment 
When you require equipment that can bear a heavy load, your mats should be up to the task of both supporting the equipment and the additional carry load. Our construction matting is made from premium oak timbers and they’re able to take on incredible weight and be reused countless times.

Environmental Benefits 
Our construction mats are environmentally friendly so whatever area you’re working in, know that our mats will help protect the ground underneath, and allow for a fast environmental recovery. And, when you use our mats, you don’t have to worry about recovery, as we use untreated timber for all crane mats.

Custom Options
Every job is unique, which is why we offer multiple lifting options for custom crane mat orders. Choose the design for your needs, whether exposed bolts, cables or chains, to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Your vehicles shouldn’t slip on our mats and our mats shouldn’t slip when being placed.

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