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Geotextile is a permeable fabric that is commonly used in site construction to separate different layers of soil, improve drainage, and reinforce retaining walls.

One of the main uses of geotextile in site construction is as a separation layer between the subgrade and the base layer of a road or building. This separation layer prevents the mixing of different soil types and improves drainage, by allowing water to pass through the fabric while keeping soil particles separate. This improves the stability and strength of the road or building, by preventing the subgrade from becoming saturated and soft.


Geotextile is also used to reinforce retaining walls. When placed behind a retaining wall, geotextile acts as a barrier between the soil and the wall, preventing the soil from pushing against the wall. This separation layer reduces the risk of failure, allowing the wall to withstand greater loads and last longer.

Another use of geotextile in site construction is in erosion control. Geotextile can be used to stabilize slopes and riverbanks by providing a barrier that keeps soil in place. This helps to prevent soil erosion and protect against landslides.


Geotextile is known for its durability and resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and microorganisms, which makes them suitable for use in a wide range of construction projects. They are also easy to install, requiring minimal maintenance and providing long-term solutions for soil separation and reinforcement.


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