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Sediment filter bags (also called dirt bags or pump bags) are a type of erosion control device that are designed to capture and remove sediment and debris before it enters a stormwater drainage system. These bags are typically made of a heavy nonwoven geotextile fabric and act as a physical barrier that captures sediment and debris as water flows through them and allows the clean water to pass through.


At Terrain Civil, our sediment pump bags come standard with a neck or throat that can attach to the pump inlet hose as needed. Sediment pump bags are an effective solution for preventing sediment and debris from entering stormwater drainage systems when dewatering an excavation, helping to protect water quality and downstream infrastructure. They are also the go to option when having to do a temporary pump around while performing a creek crossing or building a new box culvert or bridge.


Terrain Civil strives to be a resources in all of your projects,  whether it's simple or challenging.  Our most requested documents can be found here.  From product catalogs to submittal packets, installation guidelines and technical drawings.  If you can't find what you need, please give any of our knowledgeable staff a call at 615-649-8809 or reach out via email to and we will make sure your request is promptly addressed.

Available Sizes

- 5' x 6'

- 10' x 10'

- 10' x 15'

- 15' x 15'

Sediment Bag Specifications

Coming Soon

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