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In addition to all of the RECP (rolled erosion control products) that we carry, we also carry a variety of pins and anchors to fasten them to the ground.  We carry the traditional U-shaped, 11ga metal sod/landscape staples in 6” and 12” and also the round top pins in 6”, 11ga as well.  One of our favorite products is The Pounder that is used to drive the round top pins without having to bend over.  We also carry 12” and 18” pins and washers for those applications that need a deeper hold such as on riverbanks and drainage outfalls – these can be used for geotextiles and more permanent applications also.  Platypus anchors and other types of percussion driven anchors are also available for order as well.


In addition to these metal options, we also offer several biodegradable options such as Greenstakes, which are a ground stake made from compressed corn starch.  These options are perfect for use with our bio-net erosion control blankets and are commonly used on creekbanks and in riparian areas.  Greenstakes come in 4” and 6”, both outperform metal sod staples in grip strength.  Another natural option for anchoring ECBs is our wood EcoStakes which come in 6” and 12” lengths.


Terrain Civil also offers UV stabilized zip ties in 11” and 14” for use with different lightweight fence products as well as aluminum wire fence ties.


Terrain Civil strives to be a resources in all of your projects,  whether it's simple or challenging.  Our most requested documents can be found here.  From product catalogs to submittal packets, installation guidelines and technical drawings.  If you can't find what you need, please give any of our knowledgeable staff a call at 615-649-8809 or reach out via email to and we will make sure your request is promptly addressed.

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