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Erosion control blanket (ECB) is an erosion control measure that is designed to protect slopes, channel banks and other areas prone to erosion. ECBs are made mostly from natural materials, but some synthetic materials are also utilized.  In the eastern US, most blankets are made from natural fibers such as straw or coconut fiber, or a blend of the two and are designed to hold soil in place while allowing water and air to pass through. ECBs are typically anchored in place with sod staples or round top pins or other fixing devices. They typically come in a less expensive version which utilizes a polypropylene net to hold the natural fibers in the matrix, but they are all also available in natural net options as well for faster degradation.  These products are widely used in reclamation and riparian areas where the protection of wildlife is of utmost importance.

ECBs are used in a wide range of environments, including construction sites, mining operations, pipeline installations and landscaping projects. They are often used on newly graded slopes or areas that have been disturbed by construction or earth moving activity. ECBs are also commonly used to protect stream banks, shorelines, and other areas susceptible to erosion. They are biodegradable and provide a natural way to reduce erosion while promoting vegetation growth on the site. ECBs are known to have benefits such as: water permeability, sediment retention, and enhancement of vegetation growth. It is important to ensure that the ECBs are installed correctly and maintained regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.

In addition to the common types like straw blanket, straw coconut blanket and coconut blanket, Terrain Civil offers many other options as well.  Coir mat is a 100% coconut fiber matting that is held together with a coconut netting; jute net is made from biodegradable jute twine and is one of the earliest forms of ECBs.  In addition to these we also have synthetic turf reinforcement mats of many different varieties that are designed to become a permanent part of the root and soil matrix for long term solutions to high velocity and scour areas such as outfalls and channels.


Terrain Civil strives to be a resources in all of your projects,  whether it's simple or challenging.  Our most requested documents can be found here.  From product catalogs to submittal packets, installation guidelines and technical drawings.  If you can't find what you need, please give any of our knowledgeable staff a call at 615-649-8809 or reach out via email to and we will make sure your request is promptly addressed.

Product Catalogs

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Straw Blanket

Straw Coconut Blanket

Coconut Blanket

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Turf Reinforcement Mat

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