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At Terrain Civil, we take surface and subsurface drainage seriously and offer a broad range of products to address these stormwater problems on a residential and commercial level.  To complement our offerings of single wall and double wall corrugated drainage pipe we also offer the entire line of NDS drainage products and are a Destination Drainage retailer


We keep 9”, 12”, 18” and 24” catch basin kits on hand everyday as well as the most common trench drain kits; and we don’t just stock a few, we keep dozens of the most popular sizes on the shelf so that your job site quantities can be met every day. 


At Terrain Civil, we stock different color grates, metal grates, pedestrian grates and decorative grates for all of our surface drainage products and special order options are always an option as well.  We also stock innovative downspout grates to keep leaves and litter out of your drainage system as well as expandable Flo-Well kits for your hard to engineer sites.  Because we are a stocking distributor for NDS, that means we also offer all the 4” and 6” round grates, atrium grates, brass grates and ductile iron grates as well as low profile basins to tie in surface drainage to your underdrain and french drain systems. 


In addition, we stock job lot quantities of PVC cleanouts, adapters from PVC to HDPE, and pop up drainage emitters in 4” and 6” sizes and in bulk quantities.  We don’t stock the most common items in just case quantities, but in pallet quantities!  Essentially, at Terrain Civil, we have built a one stop shop for all of your surface and subsurface drainage needs.  Come in to see our extensive inventory and how it all works together build a complete system to address your stormwater needs.


Terrain Civil strives to be a resources in all of your projects,  whether it's simple or challenging.  Our most requested documents can be found here.  From product catalogs to submittal packets, installation guidelines and technical drawings.  If you can't find what you need, please give any of our knowledgeable staff a call at 615-649-8809 or reach out via email to and we will make sure your request is promptly addressed.

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