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Straw wattles or sediment tubes are similar in use to silt fences and are also used as a perimeter control, but they are made of straw or other natural fibers enclosed in a polypropylene net.  They typically come in 9”, 12” and 20” sizes and in varying lengths. They are used to filter and control sediment runoff, and they are many times placed along the top or toe of a slope or in an area where sediment runoff is likely to occur. The straw fibers act as a filter, trapping sediment and debris while allowing water to pass through. They are also biodegradable, which makes them a popular choice for erosion control on construction sites, as well as in landscaping and gardening projects.  Wattles are typically held in place with wood wattle stakes and there are several details as to how they should be anchored.

Compost filter socks, also known as weighted sediment tubes, are made from a mixture of composted organic materials held in a geotextile fabric sock. They are used to filter and control sediment runoff in a similar way to straw wattles. Compost filter socks are placed along a slope or in an area where heavy stormwater runoff is likely to occur. The composted organic materials filter sediment and debris, while the geotextile fabric holds the compost in place. They provide effective erosion control and are also known to be very effective at absorbing fluorocarbons that get carried along with runoff.  Because they are heavy, they do not always have to be staked down and this makes them very useful in non-pervious applications such as asphalt, concrete and other hardscape areas.

The heaviest of the members of this group is called an eel.  Erosion Eel is actually the brand name that has most effectively brought this product to market to date.  It is a proven method of filtering solids from stormwater runoff.  The Erosion Eel is a heavy duty geotextile sock filled with old, chipped up rubber tires, which also keeps them out of our landfills.  Staking is also optional with this product as well in the right circumstance.

In addition to these most common products in this category, Terrain Civil also offers highly specialized products as well.  One of those is a coir log.  This is a densely packed log made of 100% coconut fiber held together in a coconut fiber twine.  It is one of the longest lasting members of this product category.  There are also new products coming on line everyday as well such Wattle Fence, produced by Western Green.  Be looking for this up and coming product on shelves soon.

Any and all of these products and many other similar products on the market today can also be used to make temporary check dams and even what has been accepted by TDOT as a Filter Sock Check Dam.  These are systems of t-posts and sediment tubes that are built in a way as to create a weir height proper for the site and prevents the difficult installation of stone check dams in many locations, especially in hard to access areas.  Many times, this alternate system is much more effective at controlling high flow ditches because there is far less disturbance to the existing site and natural growth.


Terrain Civil strives to be a resources in all of your projects,  whether it's simple or challenging.  Our most requested documents can be found here.  From product catalogs to submittal packets, installation guidelines and technical drawings.  If you can't find what you need, please give any of our knowledgeable staff a call at 615-649-8809 or reach out via email to and we will make sure your request is promptly addressed.

Product Catalogs

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Straw Wattle (Sediment Tube)

Compost Filter Sock (Weighted Sediment Tube)


Friendly Environmental Erosion Eel



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